Kamis, 24 Juni 2021

Transformers Battlegrounds Shattered Spacebridge-CODEX


Release Description:

In a tangled multiverse, help the Autobots reconstruct the Spacebridge and find their way back to Cybertron – all while battling the evil Decepticons! Enter the next dimension of TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS, where Wheeljack and friends carry their battle scars into each new clash and every run through the multiverse presents a unique new challenge. Can you win back the scattered Spacebridge components, help the Autobots recover their lost abilities, and keep your team’s spark alive long enough to make it home?

• New tactics – Choose your team, missions and upgrades strategically to survive
• New battlegrounds – Battle in new maps in the expanded multiverse
• New challenge – Each journey is different. How quickly can you get home?

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Coatsink
Publisher: Outright Games Ltd.

Release Name: Transformers.Battlegrounds.Shattered.Spacebridge-CODEX

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