Kamis, 24 Juni 2021

Running With Rifles Edelweiss-PLAZA


Release Description:

RUNNING WITH RIFLES: EDELWEISS is the second expansion to the highly rated, top-down tactical shooter RUNNING WITH RIFLES.

In RUNNING WITH RIFLES: EDELWEISS, head to the European theater of World War II, first parachuting into Sicily before moving on to the invasion of Normandy, Belgium, and more.

Focussing mostly on an ‘Allied Paratrooper’ narrative, Edelweiss charts the progress of the Allies attacks across Europe. Battle with the enemy in Sicily, St. Marie du Mont, Hell’s Highway, Arnhem, Bastogne – and more.
Culminating in an invasion of Germany, fight through the bombed-out streets of the Reich and free Europe from tyranny. Or play as the Axis in their campaign, staving off the Allied assaults and turning the tide of the war.KEY FEATURES

  • 2 full campaigns (one Axis, one Allied) spanning several major battles of the Western Front
  • 8 unique maps based on historical locations and battles
  • unique set of historical vehicles, from assault guns to halftracks to heavy tanks
  • historical arsenal of weapons that evolves as the war progresses
  • new factions and variations – the United States Airborne forces, the British Army and Airborne, the regular German Wehrmacht, the elite “Panzergrenadiere”, and more
  • 40+ multiplayer support, dedicated servers, coop, PvP, PvPvE

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