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Girls Civilization 2-PLAZA


Release Description:
Oculus quest is blurry in this game. Vive is way clearer.
All people in this game are adult individuals who understand society and can work without help.
They hatch from eggs only after they become grown up.

There isn’t any UI in this game except for crosshair
This is your inventory. No icons, no clickable button.
When you want to save item, draw tool belt and attach to it.

All items in this game is physics simulated.
Even money and bullets can be grabbed, tossed, stacked.

Pickpocket system works like real world because there is no UI showing array of item icons NPCs have.

Crime system-When you walk outside of shop with not purchased item, nearby NPCs bring guards.
It is ok doing criminal act when no one is watching you.

Pirate hunter, trader and deliverer are official way of earning money.
But there are many ways of making your life.
You can hunt, fish, steal items inside no entering zone, pickpocket riches, collect resource, produce goods and sell them.
About trade and ship battle system,
you can travel entire world with your ship.

The world map is about 1/40 scale of the real earth.

It takes about 2 min from Marseille to Montpellier with fastest ship.

Throw items onto your ship and trade in other cities.

On the ocean, pirates try to rob your goods.

It is your choice becoming pirate hunter or pirate itself.

About weapons,
you can use late medieval weapons in most cases.
Bullets of flintlock muskets are chip.

But enemies are many and strong so you need better weapons.

You can excavate and steal ancient weapons like PPSH-41 and MG42.

Unlike Girls’ civilization 1, this title don’t have any story.

Genre: RPG, Simulation
Developer: Moondolino
Publisher: Moondolino

Release Name: Girls.Civilization.2-PLAZA

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