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Release Description:

Wake up from your eternal sleep and vanquish powerful enemies while wielding a multitude of weapons, shields, and magic abilities. Harness the Chaos Energy from your foes and increase your power to help you in your quest…..

The first official title to be released by ShenaniganZ Studio, Chaos is a solo-developed 3rd-person Action RPG set in an unknown time where the world is wrought with creatures from your worst nightmares. Carve your way through manifestations of chaos energy and stop the cult of the nameless god from waking the dark entity and ending reality as we know it.

This game is a nod to a specific group of successful/popular genres and draws obvious inspiration from the many elements and themes they portray. It features a unique story based loosely on an obscure Lovecraftian-horror short story with some minor twists and additions to the mechanics of a typical souls-like. As a solo-developed project by a less than skilled programmer who also lacks anything remotely close to artistic ability, on an almost non-existent budget, much of the artwork and assets featured in the game are community contributions via asset stores and individually contracted work.

The game features simplified 3D Action RPG elements, such as a leveling and resource management system, with the highlights of a souls-like melee and magic ability combat system as well as full gamepad/controller support with a custom 3D cursor.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Shenaniganz Studio
Publisher: Shenaniganz Studio

Release Name: Chaos-SKIDROW

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