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Apr 20 Bakery Shop Simulator-PLAZA


Release Description:
Run Your Own Bakery Shop . Manage Economics , keep and eye on your resources
while baking 25 types of bread and cakes , and be the cashier in a bakery shop
on the main street



Features in the game:
– 13 Kitchen Equipment To Buy
– 3 Furniture To Buy
– 3 Self Serve Machines to Buy
– 23 Ingredients To Buy
– Computer To Manage Your Shop
– Packing Machine To Package Your Products
– Barcode Scanner That Can Be Used By The Player To Sell Customers
– TV That you can use to play any video on the internet inside the game
– Worker
– Npc Customers Actually walk into your shop
– NPC citizens walking and cars in the streets
– Day/ Night System
– Economy Management
– Close / Open Shop Function To Help The Player Manage The Shop Without Having To Sell Customers

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Mohammed Qasrawi
Publisher: Mohammed Qasrawi

Release Name: Bakery.Shop.Simulator-PLAZA

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