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No Straight Roads-CODEX

Genre: Action,Multiplayer
Developer: Metronomik
Publisher: Sold Out Ltd.

Release Name: No.Straight.Roads-CODEX


Release Description:

In No Straight Roads, you play as Mayday and Zuke, a musical duo who form the underground indie rock group Bunkbed Junction. Although both their hearts belong to the chaotic power of rock, they live in a city powered by electronic dance music, quite literally. Vinyl City is able to convert music into electrical energy, and EDM is the most popular genre and the main power source.

This power source is controlled by the elite music organisation No Straight Roads (NSR for short) who control each musical district. After witnessing a city-wide power outage where the backup energy is only supplied to the NSR elite, the duo decides to take down the EDM empire defeating each NSR artist one-by-one in hopes of bringing power back to the entirety of Vinyl City. It’s a strong set-up for what essentially is one long boss rush in a literal battle of the bands.

Each NSR musician rules over their own district within Vinyl City, and you’ll be seeking each one out and battling them in theatrical boss stages. These music battles are the lifeblood of No Straight Roads, and each boss encounter is more over the top than the next, flaunting their musical talent and ego through their performances.

DJ Subatomic Supernova is a flamboyant EDM musician obsessed with the solar system and he’s your first brush with the musical elite. His performance is in a giant planetarium where his stage sits at the centre of an intergalactic revolving record. In this battle, you need to bash open giant disco balls collecting ammo to fire at Supernova whilst dodging incoming asteroids. This encounter is wonderfully designed and feels like a cohesive collaboration of music, theme, and fun.

Combat is a mix of hack-and-slash attacking and rhythm-based evasion. You can switch between characters on the fly with Mayday’s thrashing guitar attacks being slower but more powerful and Zuke’s combo drumming being faster but not as hard-hitting. Both characters are well balanced and I liked playing as each of them, switching from one to the other when a character’s health was low.

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