Jumat, 12 Februari 2021

Farmers Dynasty Potatoes And Beets-Razor1911

Genre: RPG, Simulation
Developer: Toplitz Productions, UMEO Studios
Publisher: Toplitz Productions

Release Name: Farmers Dynasty Potatoes And Beets-Razor1911


Release Description:

The Farmer’s Dynasty – Potatoes & Beets DLC expands your extensive vegetable assortment. With new machines it ensures the promising cultivation and harvesting of your new products! Plant, cultivate, harvest and sell your new products at the farmers’ market – your AI helpers will now support you here as well!

  • New vegetables potatoes and beets are ready to be planted
  • Different growth stages for potatoes and beets show you their growth
  • A new warehouse for beets and potatoes keeps your farm clean and tidy
  • The new potato seeder machine and the beet seeder make it easier to plant the fields
  • With the potato harvester and the beet harvester you harvest the fruits of your hard work quickly and efficiently
  • Sell your potatoes and beets directly on the agricultural market, watch out for fluctuating prices to get the maximum profit.
  • The KI staff will now also support you planting and harvesting the new vegetables

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