Senin, 05 Oktober 2020

Blood Bond Into the Shroud v4.0-CODEX


Release Description:

The public launch phase is underway for the game. Here are the targeted release dates of content updates, each update will add to the base game. No new money needs to be paid, and no gameplay DLCs to buy or download.

  • Exploration & Discovery:
    Dive directly into exploring your environment. You’ll gain XP for everything you do from picking plants for medicine or discovering a mysterious setting.
  • Talents:
    Pray to the Gods to receive their blessing. What is bestowed upon you is completely up to them.
  • Combat:
    Choose your battles wisely or use stealth to find another way. Be cautious with your ax, bow, and spells for there is no auto-targeting or easy mode combat.
  • Status Effects:
    Create buffs, debuffs, or states to aid in your journey. Don’t discredit a status effect as it may be beneficial in one situation and detrimental in another.
  • Crafting:
    Gather and craft clever items to ensure you succeed in your journey. Crafting is an essential part of your journey as you may not be able to obtain all talents, traits and abilities on your journey.

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Developer: W.R.K.S Games
Publisher: W.R.K.S Games

Release Name: Blood.Bond.Into.the.Shroud.v4.0-CODEX

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