Minggu, 09 Agustus 2020

Zombie School Survival-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: Purple Blast
Publisher: Purple Blast

Release Name: Zombie.School.Survival-PLAZA


Release Description:

Zombie School Survival is a first person shooter based in a school where zombies are coming in waves trying to kill you, as you progress, the waves will become harder and you will unlock new areas of the map and find new weapons!

Fight for your survival, it’s kill or be killed!

When you kill a zombie there is a chance for a special to drop!

Specials could be;

  • Instakill (Kill Zombies in one bullet for a short time)
  • Increased Fire Rate (Double your guns fire rate for a short time)
  • Wipe (Kill nearby zombies)
  • Invulnerability (Don’t take Damage for a short time)

Have fun blasting at the undead!

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