Minggu, 09 Agustus 2020

Toilet Management Simulator-PLAZA

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Cankut Keskin
Publisher: Cankut Keskin

Release Name: Toilet.Management.Simulator-PLAZA


Release Description:

“Toilet Management Simulator” is a simulation game. You build your own business in the game. Your goal is to make lots of money. Story begins, meeting with a homeless man when you go to your work in the morning. You help him instead of excluding and you get more, as scenario continues.

You will also find new friends in the game. You have to improve your relationship with them so that you can open special scenes and complete the main task. You can buy food and cleaning products from “Super Sale” Market. You can buy construction materials for your work from “Home Sweet Home” Market. You have a mobile phone in the game. Applications will be helping repair, cleaning, pest spraying, online invoice payment and following statistics.
Trust your work, trust yourself and never forget…


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