Minggu, 09 Agustus 2020

Pillowheads Its Party Time-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: Gosu Interactive
Publisher: Gosu Interactive

Release Name: Pillowheads.Its.Party.Time-PLAZA


Release Description:

Pillowheads is a local multiplayer action party game for up to 4 players.
Pick your Pillowhead and play in various game modes that can be modified.
Each Pillowhead is equipped with a pencil that can be fired or used to poke opponents.

Kicked out too early during a round? No problem: You can fight yourself back into the game and can still win a round by sabotaging your opponents successfully.
At your side in every arena: Your loyal, cheering fans!

  • 3 challenging game modes to test your skills against your friends and family.
  • 3 different maps with unique themes and hazards.
  • Activate various modifications to change gameplay rules and to play various combinations.
  • 3 different ways to sabotage your opponents from outside of the arena. Your chance to comeback into the game!
  • Choose your style: Dress up your Pillowhead to your own liking with 7 different head & body costumes and 4 vehicles.
  • Compete against each other in a series rounds with randomly selected game rules and maps in the “Party Mode” or…
  • … set fixed rules and maps in your own Custom Games.

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