Senin, 10 Agustus 2020


Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: LBR games
Publisher: LBR games

Release Name: PEE.WAR-PLAZA


Release Description:

Play pee Superman and destroy the city and the forest! Destroy everything in your sight and avoid the human army attack!Open Map with High InteractivityContains a completely open coastal map with a big city, river, grassland, beach and forest!

There are abundant automatic vehicles and NPC controlled by AI around the city.
You can even snatch cars to drive!
Everything you can see on the map can be destroyed with your power!
ALL Buildings, ALL Objects, ALL Facilities, Even trees! Trees are planted one by one, not by brush, so they are all interactive!
Just piss at them! Then explode in the fire!Special Ability SystemLook for energy coins scattered around. Let you gain additional abilities!
Flame, machine gun, freezing, energy shield and bullet time, all of which you can use! They will enhance your combat effectiveness!EnemiesLook out! Humans don’t wait to die! You will be strongly resisted by the army! Soldiers, tanks and helicopters! They won’t let you go! But you can fight them and destroy them! Remember to make good use of your special abilities!
Finally, you will be able to enter the military base! Destroy their bases! This process is not easy! Die as little as possible!
Did you win? Maybe, but they have discovered your secret! So you will encounter the most difficult enemy in the end!
In this “PEE WAR”!

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