Senin, 10 Agustus 2020


Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Sue Bean Studios
Publisher: Sue Bean Studios

Release Name: HIVE-CODEX


Release Description:

Survive waves of evil Hive-members, giant bosses, all while unraveling the mystery of how your world was taken over only four months ago. You’ll need to fight off the horde, maintain your Fortitude – or face the consequences. Search for clues, or go in guns blazing and save your planet.

Game Features:

  • BUILD YOUR SKILLS: Spend Fortitude to strategically earn skills, slowing time or instantaneously hacking every radio tower in the area.
  • UPGRADE WEAPONS: Bazookas, mini-guns, and your trusty pistol, no matter your choice of protection, spend Fortitude to increase your shot damage, range, and more!
  • POWER BEYOND BELIEF: Harness the power of your Fortitude and cast magical spells, slowing your enemies – or blowing them to bits.
  • HUGE MAPS: Loot the city, the boonies, and more! Find hidden Fortitude and ammo wherever you go!

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