Selasa, 11 Agustus 2020


Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Raúl Parada
Publisher: Indie

Release Name: Gronions-CODEX


Release Description:

Long time ago, a great galactic battle took place, where a Gronion hero sacrified himself to protect the Ether NIX, an energy that provides the power of life or destruction, during this battle, a giant Droppah and legions of evil creatures were defeated, and now, a new hero has arrived with advanced technology and courage, to protect life from darkness, his name is Groom, he needs your help to defeat fearsome emperors and destroy the infection that threatens the universe.

Explore and conquer.Gronions, is a fast-paced single-player action shooter, with adventure, intense action, that features a range of graphics and techniques to allow players to travel between planets, space rocks, ecosystems and secret locations; harness the potential of a powerfull friend, a drone called Harpy, able to manipulate matter, weapons, DNA and more; reach space in your flying pod, provided with weapons and speed, you can choose to play first person or third person and battle in diverse game modes for non-stop and timeless action.Infinite Possibilities.Dive into an original story, master the art of battle, bio dominance and begin the journey through the universe of GRONIONS, an action shooter based on a book by indie developer Raúl Parada, with high lethality, tactical multi battle grounds and explosive action from every corner of space, with vibrant and diverse planets, volcanic islands, frozen rivers and adventures, your destiny now has three paths:Campaign.Forge your legend through space and defend rich ecosystems from massive infestations threatening to destroy life and its resources and leaving the Ether NIX at risk, destroy space rocks, collect resources, defend freedom from dark creatures and terrible enemies, until life has a second chance.Frenzy.Protect the Spark of Ether NIX at all cost from legions of infected meteorites with evil creatures, one by one they will try to defeat you, one by one they will fall before you.Odyssey.(Included in Deluxe Edition)Endless space battles for dominance of territory, attack and defuse fierce crossfire, using your flying pod and your skill, until you master the art of star battle.

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