Selasa, 11 Agustus 2020

Cross of Auria Episode 1 Founders Bundle-PLAZA

Genre: Indie, RPG
Developer: Hardytier
Publisher: Hardytier

Release Name: Cross.of.Auria.Episode.1.Founders.Bundle-PLAZA


Release Description:

Our memories have left us. The Scourge came through killing thousands and wiping the minds of every man and beast that remained. All we have now are clues – hints of the past we all lost. Even the gods fell victim to this curse, or so it would seem. If ever there was peace, that time may as well have been eons ago. A new conflict is brewing… and Revan is the battlefield.” – Alexandra Val Lexen


  • A story which begins in the first few days of the world’s memory.
  • Optional side-quests and bosses.
  • A bounty/hunt system inspired by various RPGs.
  • An arena where the party can revisit previous areas at higher levels for better rewards, inspired by MMO group dungeons.
  • A gauntlet mode where the party can test their skills for bragging rights.
  • A ever-growing trophy room to review your best accomplishments.

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