Senin, 10 Agustus 2020

Colonies End-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Developer: Raw Orange Studios Limited
Publisher: Raw Orange Studios Limited 

Release Name: Colonies.End-PLAZA


Release Description:

Colonies End is a sci-fi, adventure, sandbox game set among the stars. You’ll be mining, constructing, advancing and discovering to survive in this dimension spanning game.
Here’s an overview of what Colonies End has to offer:

  •  Space-age combat with jetpacks, bounce pads, lasers and more!
  •  Explore a strange world comprised of six-dimensional realms.
  •  Build exciting spaceships and space colonies with 6 tech tiers.
  •  Uncover the mysteries of the Desecrators and the lost expedition!
  •  Scavenge for resources to stay alive in the world’s unforgiving dimensional realms.
  •  Find creatures ranging from the common pig to the uncommon alien trader. With creatures also ranging from close ally to deadly foe.

While scouring the great unknown realms the worlds are yours for the taking, build humble or grand spaceships and colonies utilising our six increasingly powerful tech tiers! With over 70 different blocks such as turret blocks, thruster blocks and even music and video playing blocks you are in control of what you build.

Travel across space on your expedition to uncover the mysteries found beyond as you travel through alien worlds; strange space stations and the Desecrators realm! Scour between dimensional realms for resources to further your journey and survival. Discover obscure aliens and creatures both friend, foe and somewhere in between…

Go alone, find allies or foes along your adventure. Fully customise your spaceship and it’s loadout.

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