Jumat, 26 Juni 2020

The Last Patient The Beginning of Infection-PLAZA

Genre: Action
Developer: Alex Danilow
Publisher: Alex Danilow
Release Name: The.Last.Patient.The.Beginning.of.Infection-PLAZA


Release Description:
After a jobbed stress you are in the hospital. But the situation there is even worse. As a result of the spread on an unknown virus, all visitors have been turned into zombies. Doctors managed to escape and call army to eliminate the epidemic. You are the last patient, who was able to survive and not become infected. Your task is to find a way out, but it’s complicated by the fact that zombies are wandering around the hospital wards,  and the military perceive you as infected and are also trying to kill you. In order to survive you will have to find weapon and keys, to destroy zombies and break through the military cordon.

  • Frightening atmosphere.
  • Different weapons and enemies.
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay.

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