Jumat, 26 Juni 2020

Blue Time-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Tabula Rasa Game Studio
Publisher: Self
Release Name: Blue.Time-PLAZA


Release Description:
The Earth’s resources are running out. Humanity’s last hope was to send an A.I robots armed with machine learning into space to create habitable planets. The problem is the A.I decided to let humans die off. One very smart person at the end of his life decided to upload his conscious into a robot form to live on and hopefully fix the future. Many years pasted and with all life gone the only way he figured he could bring life back was to travel back and bring something forward. Only thing is the A.I has already figured out time travel first so you must find and use their technology against them.

What do you do? Restore life and stay a robot or embrace change and control everything?
Figure out the past and rewrite your future.
Blue Time
Third Person Platformer with Time Travel based Puzzles.

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