Senin, 04 Mei 2020


Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: obrubshik
Publisher: obrubshik
Release Name: VIY-PLAZA


Release Description:
Once upon a time, the great misfortune happened at an estate. The landowner’s only daughter died under mysterious circumstances. People say that she was friendly with evil forces.Before she died, she had expressed a wish that for three days after her death the prayers for the dead should be recited by you…
Vyi – is a first-person horror-shooter game. The game takes place on a huge map
with a lot of settlements and the presence of secret locations, which have a lot of
useful things to simplify the passage of the game. Collect weapons, equipment to
them and various items to complete the mission. The main task of the game is to
pass 3 nights in the church to perform the exorcism.

You have to find the necessary items before going to Church.
All you need to do is chalk a Holy circle to protect yourself from evil forces, light four candles and start reading a prayer. Real difficulties begin here. The souls of the evil dead, from the hour of their death, are at the complete disposal of the evil forces and they seep into our world to take what belongs to them. You will have to fight with the world of darkness for the soul of a young girl.
When you recited one of the prayers, HE comes…
Viy is an evil force, who rises to earth from the underworld and represents death. He is the guide, not the killer. If you saw him , it means he came for you .

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