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Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Eternal Stardust Studios
Publisher: Eternal Stardust Studios
Release Name: Gaia-CODEX


Release Description:You’re a treasure hunter on a quest for finding Gaia, a planet said to be the home of the Ancients. It is said to host incredible ancient technology, one which can bend time itself. However, as your ship approached this particular planet, something went bad with its engine, which caused a chain reaction of explosions from which only you survived when you crashed on the planet. From this point, you will decide how the story continues and ends.

A more detailed look at the mechanics of the game:
  • Three different AI storytellers: Cora Core, Tranquillio Pax and RNGesus Silvius. Each storyteller provides a different type of game play experience, from a nice curve of rising difficulty, to a chill sandbox experience, to something not even RNGesus can predict.
  • Harvest several types of minerals, alien flora and underwater resources.
  • Build modular buildings such as assemblers, floors, walls, energy producing buildings and more to construct a base.
  • Craft items, vehicles, blueprints and ammo.
  • Manage your needs, such as hunger, thirst, rest and leisure.
  • Survive raids made of space pirates or wildlife.
Notable Events:
  • Raids: Air or ground, by the local wildlife or space mercs. These space mercs can come in spaceships to rain down fire on your base, or drop down directly on the planet and get personal.
  • Nox event: Poisonous meteorite explodes in the atmosphere, enveloping the atmosphere in poison and slowly killing everything that breathes.
  • Solar flare: Causes fire tornadoes, spreading fire that can damage almost anything, including animals who in turn spread the fire themselves if they catch it.
  • Meteor shower: Mostly visual, but also provides a nice boost to your well being while it’s active.
  • Trade ships: Trade with the different factions.
  • Day and night cycle with amazing weather and seasons. This is not just a visual only thing; it does affect gameplay. A rainy weather will put out fire while at night your solar panels won’t work. Wind influences the efficiency of your turbines. In winter, your crops will die if the temperature drops too low.
  • Grow your own food.
  • Manage your electrical system to make sure all buildings have enough energy to work.
  • Gaia contains intelligent AI, such as coward AI (for example, deer) that runs away from you if you come too close, passive AI like most other wildlife, aggressive AI like most monsters and all space pirates, or territorial AI like wolves and sand scorpions.

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