Senin, 04 Mei 2020

Astrela Starlight-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Developer: Master Plan Multimedia
Publisher: Master Plan Multimedia
Release Name: Astrela.Starlight-PLAZA


Release Description:
Astrela Starlight is a space adventure game where you can play more than 60 quests over 40 star systems. Solve the mystery of Lystran by interacting with NPCs to complete quests, mine, build spacecraft and stations, build and move planets, and build the Ecxos planetary station.The Reisian
Command the unique vessels of the Reisian, the Astrela and the Tserilecx, and discover a way to merge them into the most powerful starform in Lystran.Planetary Space Station
Build the Ecxos planetary station for total dominance. Use the station to build any vessel, project and recall ships from anywhere, and even jump the station and its planet to distant star systems.Space Combat
Equip and manage ship’s systems and weapons individually for maximum speed, defense, or firepower.Interstellar RPG

Explore and complete missions for the Entriden, Cetus, Saurum, Avar, and Elpin races across over 40 star systems.Celestial Travel and Movement
Build and travel through Lygates within a star system. Use Lygates to move planets, comets, and asteroids to new locations.Mining the Lystran Region
Deploy mines across unique star systems and automatically gather their contents to central space stations. Mine the eight types of celestials throughout Lystran so that you can solve quests, build ships, stations, and entire planets.

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