Minggu, 22 Maret 2020

Wanking Simulator-CODEX

Genre: RPG
Developer: StudioGIW
Publisher: Mediascape Co.,Ltd.
Release Name: Wanking.Simulator-CODEX


Release Description:
The game offers several different modes, including an extensive story mode. The story campaign consists of 6 diverse missions, which take place in the city of Gay Bay, a giant office, on another planet and inside an alien ship.
You will be also able to play additional modes – challenges (5 missions), arena (fighting off waves of enemies), parkour (5 missions) and sandbox.

REMEMBER! Surrealism, absurdity and humour are three words that perfectly describe the nature of this production. The final version of the game goes far beyond the expectations that the title can bring to mind. The gameplay is highly varied, additional modes provide even more crazy entertainment, and many elements will surely be a surprise for players. All this is coated with absurd humour and political incorrectness.

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