Selasa, 17 Maret 2020


Genre: Action
Developer: GreatherGames
Publisher: GreatherGames
Release Name: T.A.R.S-PLAZA


Release Description:
What is T.A.R.S?T.A.R.S is a challenging 3rd person objective based horror shooter. You will need to navigate an open world environment, which is set just off the coast of the British isles on a remote island. You will need to use your mini-map to locate objective points and must survive against dangerous creatures while exploring.
Your skills will be tested, you have limited ammo and only 1 life. Can you survive?STORYIt is the year 2051, a disease has swept across the planet infecting over 90% of the population. At first only flu like symptoms appeared, but then to the horror of everyone, people started to change. At first in their behaviour and then physically changing into an unknown creature, which we now all fear.

It was at this point T.A.R.S (Tactics and rescue specialists) was formed, with one goal, save humanity.YOUR ROLEYou will take on the role of Samantha, Sam was previously a nurse and recently recruited by T.A.R.S to become a medic. You have limited combat training, but there’s no time to spare.
You are about to embark on your very first mission and have been assigned to a T.A.R.S squad. You will need to be aware of your surroundings at all times if you have any hope of surviving.

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