Minggu, 22 Maret 2020

Smart Flix Fireflies-DARKSiDERS

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Smart Studio
Publisher: Smart Flix
Release Name: Smart.Flix.Fireflies-DARKSiDERS


Release Description: Immerse yourself in Fireflies, a Voxel-based Puzzle Platformer setted in a dark and dangerous world that you must venture and to discover it’s secrets. Overcome difficult levels with menacing creatures lurking and ready to take you down.
Hide when you can, crawl to avoid attention and, most importantly, follow the Fireflies.

Key Features:
  • Stunning Voxel Visuals
    Fireflies has stunning art, mixing 3D within a Platformer and creating menacing, yet beautiful environments. Characters, scenarios and enemies are all made with a state of the art voxel visual, creating a great contrast between the beauty and playfulness of this aesthetic with the ambiance created for the game.
  • Deep and Mysterious Narrative
    The narrative of Fireflies explores the depths of a troubled mind and embodies the fears and traumas on creatures, constructions and challenges. There’s not just one way to understand the world of Fireflies and try to unravel it’s clues and hints are a task not only for you, but a canvas for everyone to solve this puzzle.
  • Challenging Puzzle Platformer
    The gameplay of Fireflies is tough, challenging you to understand the layout of the scenarios and to escape dangerous enemies. Solve puzzles, open your way through the world and follow the trail of the Fireflies.
  • Menacing Thematic Worlds
    The various locales of Fireflies are as dangerous as they are deep and astounding. From dark forests to shadowy streets, every place is more than it seems and contains secrets and stories buried deep inside a scared mind.

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