Selasa, 17 Maret 2020

Sky Cannoneer v1.1.0.15-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Element Games, LLC
Publisher: Element Games, LLC
Release Name: Sky.Cannoneer.v1.1.0.15-PLAZA

 1 DVD

Release Description:
An arcade classic reimagined — build up your fortifications, place your cannons, and fire!
Play a skilled Corsair in the Sky Lord’s Navy as you unravel the truth behind the plague that ravaged your planet Emoria. Improve your Battle Haven with upgrades, new types of Forts and Augmentations, then choose which Technologies, Superpowers, and Summons you want to bring to bear against the enemy forces.
Sky Cannoneer includes a story campaign comprised of dozens of scenarios with unique mission types and

  • multiple boss fights! Take to the sky and win!
  • Each round, build up your Power Grid with randomized walls, piece by piece.
  • Place additional cannons on the Power Grid to increase your offensive capabilities.
  • Fire your cannons and use a large variety of techs and powers to defeat your opponent!

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