Selasa, 17 Maret 2020

Night of Terror-RAZOR

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: woolfie
Publisher: Quiquopro Games
Release Name: Night_of_Terror-RAZOR


Release Description: A 2D Indie Horror Game, explore the world and find out what is truly happening during this Night of Terror!
Your brother is in danger.And you need to save him!
Solve puzzles, unlock doors, put the pieces together and find the truth!
Question is… are you ready for it?

  • Story Driven – This game is all about telling a story! There are no combat mechanics, however there is conflict within the game that you must resolve with other means.
  • Linear Gameplay – While you are free to explore each level within its boundaries, Night of Terror offers a linear experience throughout its playthrough.
  • Puzzling – A variety of obstacles and riddles which challenge players while complementing the game’s narrative.
  • Horrific – Don’t forget that Night of Terror is a horror game, explore the levels for detailed sub-plot that will send shivers down your spine!
  • Art Style – If you like retro RPGs, or any other RPGMaker game you will enjoy a pleasent visual experience with Night of Terror since it follows the same art style.
  • Gameplay Time – Estimated anywhere between thirty to sixty minutes.

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