Minggu, 22 Maret 2020

Minoria v1.081-I KnoW

Genre: Action – Adventure – Metroidvania
Developer: Bomb service / DANGEN entertainment
Publisher: N/A
Release Name: Minoria.v1.081-I_KnoW


Release Description:
Minoria is the newest and most ambitious game from Bombservice, the creators of the Momodora series, which was also the intellectual model for the game.
Momodora fans will find familiar elements in terms of design and gameplay, including parrying, dodging and a variety of different spells.
The game is visually presented in HD and impresses aesthetically with a mix of hand-drawn 2D backgrounds and characters in Cel shading style.

  • A powerful fantasy story inspired by the history of medieval Europe
  • A unique visual aesthetic thanks to the combination of hand-drawn 2D graphics and Cel shading
  • A smooth control that contributes to careful intervention and rushed gameplay
  • An offensive combat system that allows players to destroy enemies with a mix of sword fighting and magic
  • Defense options such as evasive rolls and parrying
  • A level-up system where players can customize their character to their desired level of difficulty

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