Minggu, 22 Maret 2020

Jupiter Hell v0.8.10b In Development-I KnoW

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: ChaosForge
Publisher: ChaosForge
Release Name: Jupiter.Hell.v0.8.10b.In.Development-I_KnoW


Release Description:
Jupiter Hell is a classic, turn-based roguelike set in a 90’s flavored sci-fi universe. Set on the moons of Jupiter, the game pits a lone space marine against overwhelming demonic forces. Rip and tear zombies, demons and unmentionable monstrosities, using classic weaponry such as shotguns, chainguns, railguns and the trusty chainsaw. All to the shine of CRT monitors and the tune of heavy metal!

  • Randomized levels set all over Jupiter’s orbit
    Blast through procedurally-generated civilian sectors, military space bases and mining colonies on the violent moons of Jupiter. Every playthrough you’ll find new ways to experience familiar settings.
  • Original shooter roguelike lineage
    Jupiter Hell is built by ChaosForge, the team that’s been making top-down, cosmic hell roguelikes since 2002.

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