Selasa, 17 Maret 2020

Death Skid Marks Mullet Edition-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Studio Whisky Tango Inc.
Publisher: Studio Whisky Tango Inc.
Release Name: Death.Skid.Marks.Mullet.Edition-PLAZA


Release Description: Death Skid Marks is an ultra-violent top down car combat game where you will kill countless numbers of foes in the most noble quest of all: getting to a kickass music concert. Fight groupies, rednecks, neo-nazis, religious fanatics, the police, robots, aliens, suicide bombers and your own self-destructive urges to play Russian roulette. Upgrade your car with parts and your crew with illicit substances, buy weapons and special items, fight using guns, melee and your driving skills. Travel 666KMs along route 666 and face increasingly impossible odds. Unlock tons of content such as cars and bumper stickers.y.

Death Skid Marks features a unique punk/metal soundtrack, unique art style, cutting edge low-fidelity cathodic screen graphics, random unpredictable runs, unique gameplay and two scoops of stupidity.

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