Minggu, 22 Maret 2020

Arizona Derby v1.0.15F-PLAZA

Genre: Racing
Developer: Falcon Interactive
Publisher: Falcon Interactive
Release Name: Arizona.Derby.v1.0.15F-PLAZA


Release Description:
Welcome to the Arizona Derby, home to the most insane off-road racings and the ultimate competition that brings together the world’s best racers, pimping up their expensive supercars, storming them of the most exotic off-road tracks, all over the world.
These guys with ease turn their million-dollar machines into off-road rigs, crash them over hills like they’re nothing…This is Arizona Derby’s lifestyle. It’s all about insane racings at crazy off-roads around the globe and you’re invited to do so.
In order to stay competitive for the off-road drive, you need to pimp your car and set it to the max. You need to experiment with spring and damping stiffness, front and rear heights of your ride as well brake force to find out what’s fits your driving style. Here you can track all in real-time. This is your garage, it’s little dirt but enjoy it. Rigs are worthy. While ADriver is out of the car, time is slow to some extent to the other cars, so you can still get back and be close to the car to be able to enter (RB button again) and get back to compete. ADriver is risky features, however, if you’re skilled it can bring you many loots, needed XP, AD$ to obtain more features, customizations, cars and other assets.

The driving impression is authentic and realistic, at the same time arcade and simulation-like, physics is very complex, featuring tons of high-end algorithms which controlling interactive aspects of vehicles and they are carefully improved over years of research and extended design of “Arizona Derby” to make it utterly fun, and some aspects of the physics may see as arcade and it’s intended to be since game is not fully accurate off-road simulation, but having most of those aspects, since it’s arcade racer. Gameplayhighly recreating the spirit of the real off-road racing experience with that glimpse of arcade racing, to make it more fan and enable players to do more exciting stunts. Ai opponents are ultimately smart, skilled for the off-roads drive, so you need to reach a unique set of skills needed for realistic off-road terrains. You need to take care of how fast and at which angle going over jumps and bumpy roads, sometimes shortcut ain’t the best path to lead the race and you can rollover. Every track, from current 31 tracks is specific and needs training, a strategy that works on one level is different on another, the same is with an approach to win. Training is most important and over time you can increase the difficulty and achieve more XP/AD$ rewards. You can play dirty and hit out racers aside, and score more as of that, but you will risk they hit you harder and even more intrusive.Check why over 50 curators highly recommending ‘Arizona Derby’.What are players saying?
“A must-have for anybody interested in motorsport. The game runs well even on my old budget pc. The game allows you to pick from a wide array of cars and tracks and gives you the option to change each car’s setup to your liking. Fantastic feeling game. With a good force feedback wheel, the cars feel great and with some adjustment, there is a lot of feedback through the wheel. 95/100”

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