Sabtu, 29 Februari 2020


Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: SMU Guildhall
Publisher: SMU Guildhall
Release Name: Rhome-CODEX


Release Description: Rhome is a first-person, dark, atmospheric exploration game where players navigate an increasingly chaotic and psychologically unnerving environment as the very fabric of reality unravels around you. Step into the role of Hailey Rhome, a distinguished architect, who returns from a long day at work to find her husband missing and her home a hostile and unfamiliar place.
Explore Hailey’s M.C. Escher-inspired home and uncover the truth of the nightmare that you’ve stepped into.

Key Features:
  • An interactive, horror novella experience that can be completed in one sitting
  • A fully voiced, female protagonist
  • Puzzles that shape the house around you
  • An uniquely chaotic environment to explore and discover

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