Sabtu, 29 Februari 2020


Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Green Bug Games
Publisher: Green Bug Games
Release Name: Position-CODEX


Release Description:
The real world lied to us.
For many years, the old hermit has been quietly living in his house on the edge of the lake, doing his daily business.
At one point, his life is completely divided into before and after.
Compelled reasons incite him to adventures in various famous or even fabulous places, trying to understand why he was thrown there and whether everything happening around is real. The denouement will solve this dilemma, perhaps.

A tangled tangle of plot.
The situation is constantly changing. Fates of places, crazy turns and interesting solutions to problems will keep you in the spotlight.
Progressive gameplay.
The gameplay of the game tends from slow to fast in parallel, providing new opportunities for the passage of certain paths.

A variety of tasks.

We are not fans of games with 2-3 mechanics for the whole game. All quests are as different as possible by submission and execution method.
High-quality graphics and solicitude to detail.
A detailed world created manually on the Unity game engine shows a combination of excellent performance and graphics.

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