Sabtu, 29 Februari 2020

Lost Brothers-CODEX

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: BitLight
Publisher: BitLight
Release Name: Lost.Brothers-CODEX


Release Description: Lost Brothers is a single-player first-person adventure, taking place in an abandoned mine. Our main hero, John, being torn apart by inner demons, goes to the forest where he lost his younger brother many years ago. Near the camp, he finds a radio. He receives a help request from Samanta who is trapped under the mountain nearby. The girl tells us that she is a writer, looking for more info about local anomalies. The closer the destination point, the better we see that it was right there, where the forest took the life of John’s brother.

You’d been there before. Once, this forest took your brother, and you still can’t forgive yourself.
  • What happened at the night you lost your brother?
  • Who is this girl, begging you to rescue her?
  • What secrets does the forest hide?
  • Why the profitable mine was abandoned so quickly?
  • Can the main hero get a hold of himself?
  • And, above all… Will he survive?
These and other secrets are waiting for you in Lost Brothers.
Key features of the game:
  • Wild nature;
  • Beautiful views;
  • Navigation by map and radio;
  • Secrets and discoveries at every step.
I read to here, but the game is not yet wishlist??? Well, run to add!!!

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