Sabtu, 29 Februari 2020

KATANA KAMI A Way of the Samurai Story-CODEX

Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Acquire Corp.
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Release Name: KATANA.KAMI.A.Way.of.the.Samurai.Story-CODEX


Release Description:
The Way of the Samurai is forged in battle!
Play as a ronin during Japan’s Meiji Restoration in the volatile Rokkotsu Pass. The swordsmith Dojima falls into debt and his beautiful daughter is taken as collateral. Help repay the debt by crafting swords by day and exploring the mysterious, twisting dungeons of the Ipponmatsu Cave for valuable materials at night.

Key Features
  • Hone Your Skills – Over 100 different weapons and 9 fighting styles means you can fight any way you please!
  • Mysterious Dungeons – An isometric hack and slash with randomly-generated dungeons to explore in a historical Japanese setting.
  • Two Swords are Better Than One – Explore dungeons with others
  • Balance of Power – Ally, betray, or maintain neutrality in dealing with the town’s three factions. The fate of Rokkotsu Pass is balanced by the tip of a blade!
  • Familiar Faces – Featuring fan favorite characters from the Way of the Samurai series!

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