Sabtu, 29 Februari 2020

Graviteam Tactics Grim of Death-SKIDROW

Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Graviteam
Release Name: Graviteam.Tactics.Grim.of.Death-SKIDROW


Release Description:
In the April 1942 the Soviet command conducted regrouping of the forces at the Pogost-Konduya front. This area was occupied by 8 A units, which were to conduct a local operation to capture the area of village Vinyagolovo with a further development of the offensive in the direction of Belovo and gaining the rear of the German 28 Corps, which was defending on the southern shore of lake Ladoga. The German command was expecting an attack in the Vinyagolovo area since the beginning of April. In this area the defense was held by 96 ID with a total strength of more than 8 thousand people, having brought together over 10 battalions from various units.

  • Two operations of 34 turns for each of the parties (Vinyagolovo, April 9-13, 1942).
  • Precisely recreated area of over 45 sq. km in the bend of the Mga river, village Vinyagolovo.
  • Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.
  • Usage of captured tanks and SPGs.

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