Minggu, 16 Februari 2020

Generation Streets-PLAZA

Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Roman Shuvalov
Publisher: Roman Shuvalov
Release Name: Generation.Streets-PLAZA


Release Description: What if we take the real-world map and make all buildings three-dimensional? And then draw textures on them and put some trees, power lines and other visual garbage around? That’s what:
In the same way, almost any point on Earth can be loaded into the game. Load your hometown, find your place and this casual game start giving you very unexpected impressions.

Warning: though the most places have a relatively high level of detail, it’s impossible to render objects exactly as they look in the real world due to map mistakes or lack of geodata, especially in rural areas. Do not expect a 100-percent match. Places will look recognizable but no more. Also, some places are just completely missing on the map and will be not rendered.

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