Senin, 10 Februari 2020

Find Me Horror Game-PLAZA

Genre: Indie
Developer: KalaOh Games
Publisher: KalaOh Games
Release Name: Find.Me.Horror.Game-PLAZA


Release Description: “Evil spirits always try to possess a body.” You just invoked an evil entity that is inside your daughter’s doll and wants to play with you to try to kill you, so to survive you must hide and win, you need to find the three most beloved objects of the doll.

You are “Nick Robs” a family man who has given his daughter a doll for his birthday; since that day, delusions and hallucinations do not stop with the doll and a kind of ritual… until you decide to go with a “Therapist” to remedy the condition. The medications prescribed by the “Therapist” abound around the house, but they don’t stop hallucinations, so you decide to face your fears and do the ritual. The “evil entity” that has possessed the doll, walks through the hallways and rooms of the house, looking for you, to kill you. But you can survive and finish the ritual, finding the three most beloved doll objects (bottle, spare button and rattle) that will be hidden throughout the house.

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