Sabtu, 18 Januari 2020

Super Robot Wars X-HOODLUM

Genre: Strategy
Developer: B.B.STUDIO CO.,LTD.
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Name: Super_Robot_Wars_X-HOODLUM


Release Description:
The crossover of robots from different series in the world of “Al-Warth,” Super Robot Wars X is now out on STEAM! Guided by a bizarre fate, just what is waiting for the warriors gathered in “Al-Warth”?STEAM includes all 20 bonus scenarios from the previous release! Be a part of the world of Super Robot Wars X!

  • Bonus Scenario Episode 0 “A Sworn Journey”
  • Bonus Scenario “Special Starter – Present X”
  • Bonus Scenario “Beautiful Treasure X”
  • Early-Game Unlock for “Cybaster” and “Masaki” from Masoukishin: THE LORD OF ELEMENTAL
  • Bonus Scenario “Present X”

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