Minggu, 08 Desember 2019

Seraphic Destroyer-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Aimee Studio
Publisher: Aimee Studio
Release Name: Seraphic.Destroyer-PLAZA


Release Description:
This is a TPS action game focusing on breaking things. A beautiful female alien came to Earth and started blowing up the houses with a handgun.

Motivation behind the game
We want to eliminate player’s frustration.
Purpose of the game
Main game: Destroy as many objects as possible within 300 seconds.
Training Level: A level with no time limit. You can destroy objects until you are satisfied.
Characteristics of the game
Since she (Player) is an alien, she can:
She can run as fast as a car.
She can jump 10 times as high as a human.
And she can jump three times.
Somehow she can blow up a house or a car with a gun.
Weapons of the player
KATANA, Handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers
You can shoot a gun while running.
and more …

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