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No-brainer Heroes-PLAZA

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: OnigiriStudio
Publisher: OnigiriStudio
Release Name: No-brainer.Heroes-PLAZA


Release Description:
25 Heroes
Each hero has its own characteristics and playability, no weak heroes, only the combinations you can’t think of.
50 Treasures
Collect treasures! A reasonable mix of treasures will turn the adventurer into the dragon killer!
6 Dragons
Each dragon has an ultimate power. Defeat them and save the world!

Game Features
  • Many map chapters allow the player to choose, the player can choose different routes on each map, and different routes will have different heroes and treasures waiting for the player to collect.·Camp, market, equipment store, smithy, notice, businessman, clock tower. Diverse town management gameplay will helps you to improve your team.
  • Rich and diverse random events,make your choice,get rewards or accept punishment.
  • Rich hero skills. Understand the characteristics of each hero and learn skills based on their characteristics, it can perform up to their full capabilities.
  • The match between heroes and treasures, heroes and heroes, treasures and treasures, give your strategy choices based on different levels.
  • Brand new week gameplay. At the beginning of each adventure, you can choose different heroes, treasures and initial rewards.
Background story
Swire black dragon has now awoken, evil devil gas engulfed the land again. Countless lives can not resist the erosion of the devil gas, becomes demons. Peoples struggling with Death and despair.As the lord of a town, can you raise the warriors scattered around, train them, and finally lead them to defeat the Black Dragon and save this chaotic continent?
The Early Access Version
Includes the full content of the first chapter map and the second chapter map.
For more game updates, help and support, join the QQ group: 792227263
Or feedback on the steam community

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