Rabu, 25 Desember 2019


Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: ShadowBlade Games
Publisher: ShadowBlade Games
Release Name: K37-D-PLAZA


Release Description:
K37-D is a game for science fiction fans about an ordinary space engineer in the year 2204 who takes a seemingly simple job that quickly becomes more complex. This single-player adventure game takes place in a facility on the distant planet of Kepler 37-D, where you have been sent to repair utility systems and get the facility ready for its new owners. You’ll have to use the various computer systems throughout the facility to gather information and aid you in your job.

The job gets dangerous when the facility is unexpectedly attacked by some hideous unknown creatures. Now the pressure is on as you try to repair the communications unit so you can call for the transport ship. Fortunately, the facility is equipped with auto-defense turrets, which you’ll have to manage wisely to keep the creatures from breaching the facility. You can also use the tank rover to easily dispatch of the creatures before they can get a chance to get through the walls.
If you’re confident in your defenses you may even find a little time to go snooping around the facility while you’re making your repairs and discover something interesting or useful. Depending on what you do during your assignment on Kepler 37-D, there are 9 possible endings that you can earn. Will you be happy with how it ends for you or will you try again for a better outcome?

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