Minggu, 08 Desember 2019


Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: rosmic games
Publisher: rosmic games
Release Name: ID-EGO-CODEX


Release Description: ID-EGO a single-player FPS game in a sci-fi setting where you are put behind enemy lines in a secret base aboard an alien spaceship. The wanna-be-overlord drone “ID-EGO” is your backseat-driver. He will send you off into the depths of the unexplored ship and planetside out to complete missions he deem necessary. You must survive action-packed combat, solve crazy puzzles and find hidden secrets to make your way through your own adventure!

ID-EGO is an old school shooter, meaning there’s no hand holding you have to figure out the way yourself. Your skill decide your progress because there are no special abilities or level skipping!

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