Minggu, 08 Desember 2019


Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Incendio Software
Publisher: Incendio Software
Release Name: Discrepant-PLAZA


Release Description:
Discrepant is a psychological sci-fi adventure game set in the town of New Haven. Roused by the rumblings of distant explosions and the sounds of a screaming man falling to his death right outside your front door, you awaken as Sebastian, an average man in a decidedly abnormal situation. In order to gain any kind of explanation for what’s going on in your small town, you’ll have to weave your way through disconcerting situations, uncomfortably dark environments, and deadly peril at every corner.

Your wife Sue might be able to help you, but by the way she sounds, she’s just as anxious and confused as you are.
Discrepant is a thought provoking first and third person game set in the genre of movies like Dark City, Donnie Darko and Thirteenth Floor.

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