Rabu, 25 Desember 2019

Devil Threats-CODEX

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Gokhan ARAGULU
Publisher: Gokhan ARAGULU
Release Name: Devil.Threats-CODEX


Release Description: Description : Years ago Professor Christopher was working on an important experiment that was near-impossible to accomplish. Things were not going as smoothly as he’d hoped… The experiment that a few subjects were included had failed and his friend named John betrayed him and made things worse. Shortly after the experiment, his daughter got lost and 2 years later he got a message that her daughter had written saying she was at her grandfather’s house and she wants to be saved from there… After that, Cristopher hit the road to save his daughter

  • Fps camera, puzzle, horror, survival game
  • Main Features
  • Atmospheric Musics
  • A Deep and Tense story
  • Made In Unreal Engine 4 With Great Graphics

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