Rabu, 25 Desember 2019

Blink Rogues-PLAZA

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Fox Dive Studio
Publisher: Fox Dive Studio
Release Name: Blink.Rogues-PLAZA


Release Description:
Blink: Rogues is a fast-paced top-down shooter that brings combat tactics, sharp reflexes and multi-lane combat under the same roof. Fire rockets, shotgun or railgun, flip your ship, jump to the other lane and chase the perfect score. Steal the opponent’s power-ups or simply frag him!GAME MODES: PVP: Challenge your friends and find out who’s best by playing a 5 minutes Blink duel.
Set the difficulty tier to your linking and master the game one step at a time.

Jump and frag your opponent, steal his drops, deny his kills and achieve victory by finishing the fight with the better score.STORY MODE: Put your skills to the test and play through Blink’s increasingly difficult campaign mode. Fight your way through the hand crafted enemy waves and reach the maximum star rating for each and every level. Show the world what you got and challenge the top leaderboard position!SURVIVAL: So you have finished the story mode, got a few stars, even. But can you complete all the missions, one after the other, with only one ship?COOP: You and a friend are trying to destroy increasingly difficult and increasingly faster waves of enemies. Each enemy that escapes will make you lose a bit of HP. How long can you last with only three ships?VERSUS AI: Top your game by playing our well trained AI buddy.

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