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Arise A Simple Story-CODEX

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Piccolo
Publisher: Techland
Release Name: Arise.A.Simple.Story-CODEX


Description: Arise, I got a taste of how each level represents a relatable emotion. I remember playing an area about the simple joys of being a child and thinking, this is only the beginning. The 10 unique levels impart a linear story about an old man reliving his life from childhood to old age. Developer Piccolo Studio uses emotions from several stages of life to craft a storyline about your life.
The main mechanic in Arise revolves around manipulating time to solve platforming puzzles. This is a feature I’ve seen in a few other places, but it’s rarely executed as well as it is here. Certain levels use time control to create constant tension, further selling the theme of that level’s emotion. Others use the same mechanic to achieve the opposite effect.

The Underlying Story of the Old Man
The subtitle “A Simple Story” isn’t a mistake by any means. The main character is a silent protagonist with no name. The absence of dialogue implies a weak narrative. However, hidden collectibles unlock simple drawings that share memories for each stage of the old man’s life.
While these drawings are usually easy to find, a few inevitably slip by. Missing those few can be disappointing since these drawings tell the main story. This leads to the common video game dilemma of trying to figure out which path is a side route and which isn’t.
The memories are the easiest way to follow the old man’s journey. However, the design and soundtrack behind every area strongly contribute to the story. It’s easy to see the cheerfulness of an environment overflowing with vibrant colors. Meanwhile, it’s easy to feel the melancholy vibe of gloomy colors suffocating me. The same way the color scheme evokes emotion, the soundtrack holds your hand on this adventure.
Composer David Garcia controls the mood the same way a singer sets the vibe at a concert. The soundtrack is frequently the most important part of Arise in how it makes you feel. While one area is comparable to a ballet in both its gameplay and music, another area is somber and serious. The soundtrack alone is another great way to absorb the story.

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