Minggu, 17 November 2019


Genre: Puzzle Games
Developer: Pillow Castle Games
Publisher: Pillow Castle Games
Release Name: Superliminal-CODEX


Description: Superliminal takes this theme and builds an entire house out of it. The windows are doors, the furniture is gigantic, and one of the bedrooms is in your neighbor’s house. None of that’s literal, it’s just a metaphor to convey that Superliminal’s architects flipped the framework on approach to game design. But it can also be literal. Sometimes the chairs are very big.

The basics are easy enough to grasp. A teeny tiny object held at a range will grow to absurd proportions. A large object held low and close to your person will shrink down to a manageable size. This creates a physics sandbox that’s entertaining in its own right, rewiring us to think about distance not as a gap between here and there, but rather as something that affects the scale of the surroundings.
It’s trippy and that’s by design. Superliminal finds no shortage of ways to flip the script, turning room after room into brain teasers that require unconventional solutions. Early on, an exit is barricaded off by a brick wall. Make your own door by growing the exit sign hundreds times larger than it should be, and hurl it at the walls like the world’s most brazenly honest wrecking ball. A little later, other exit signs can be enlarged to serve as a ramp up and over the walls.

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