Kamis, 07 November 2019

Song of Horror Episode 2-CODEX

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Protocol Games
Publisher: Raiser Games

Release Name: Song.of.Horror.Episode.2-CODEX


Release Description: You barely survived a terrifying experience at the Husher mansion. But you were able to join forces with others to uncover Husher and Daniel’s fate and experience some supernatural events that nobody else would believe. That thing… The Presence… seemed to know exactly when to hunt you down, right?
Now you are ready to continue unraveling the mystery behind the haunted music box, whose song doesn’t seem to leave you alone. Your adventure takes you to an antique shop, a place hunted by the same entity at Husher’s Mansion…What’s new in Song of Horror’s Episode 2?
  • A terrifying new location: Färber’s Antique Shop, and the adjacent residential building
  • Meet two more characters: Erica, Färber’s daughter, and police officer René, on patrol in the neighborhood
  • New threats and challenges by The Presence
  • Experience a climatic ending that will test your limits

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