Kamis, 07 November 2019

Make a Killing-DARKSiDERS

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Dystopia Interactive
Publisher: Dystopia Interactive

Release Name: Make.a.Killing-DARKSiDERS


Release Description:
Make a Killing is an emotionally confronting, anxiety provoking single-player survival horror game. Played in a first-person perspective, the player takes on the role of protagonist Cole, a man that travels to unhallowed grounds in hopes of saving his brother Jace. Crippled by debt, Jace has been blinded by the pursuit of payout collecting untouched gold deposits, only to fall into the hands of accursed mass murderer Ira King. Despite his noble intentions, Cole has become ensnared in a game of cat and mouse with Ira in an arrangement that will bring about the end.
Take on the challenge of killing Ira King before he kills you…
  • Activate all the pillars or kill all the Votaries to make Ira mortal
  • Free or kill victims for different ammo rewards
  • Track your progress with way points throughout the map
  • Collect gold to buy more ammo
  • Avoid the Votaries or kill them before they scream and giveaway your position
  • Kill Ira to progress
For optimal playing conditions, we recommend that Make a Killing is played wearing headphones in a dark room with the gamma setting adjusted correctly. Jumpscares have not been designed into the game, but death sequences are fast and come from any direction, so we recommend caution while playing. The game does not and will not include any microtransactions and any future updates or downloadable content will be free.

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