Minggu, 24 November 2019

Land of Ngoto-PLAZA

Genre: Indie
Developer: Marc Oesigmann
Publisher: Marc Oesigmann
Release Name: Land.of.Ngoto-PLAZA


Release Description:
As a sleep researcher and talented lucid dreamer you follow a lead to Africa, to investigate the reason behind a global crises. There you enter the african dreamworld, the Land of Ngoto. A dream unlike anything you have experienced before. While you are able to manipulate parts of the dream, a different power tries to capture you in this world.
Unexpected help is coming from those, already captured in the world. By solving puzzles you can free them and with the gained power you can influence Ngoto and continue your way through the dreamland.

A big Variety of logic based puzzles have to be solved on your journey. While you are challenged with more and more difficult puzzles you also gain more influence on the dreamworld.
Immerse in a surreal world, representing the beauty und culture but also the history of the african continent in an abstract form.

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